I am an author, editor, and all-round ne’er-do-well based in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been a professional writer and editor since I was 18, which means I’ve also got professional experience in such fields as waiting tables, mopping floors, running a register, private security, dishwashing, and 1920s grifting. Concurrent with all that, I’ve written, ghostwritten, and edited novels, short stories, memoirs, technical documentation, white papers, comic books, screenplays, marketing materials, and anything else that’ll hold still long enough.

Perhaps most notably, I was the longest-serving editor-in-chief of the Good Men Project, where I helped to transform the site’s culture and triple its traffic. My writing on gender issues from a male feminist perspective is some of my best and most popular work, and has been featured at the Good Men Project, Alternet, XOJane, MamaMia, and Role/Reboot, among others.

My IMDB page is still rather thin, as only one of my feature screenplays has been produced, Messina High, a teen comedy based on Much Ado About Nothing. It’s been released online here, if you’re game for a laugh.

I can also roll my tongue into a tube and whistle through it, which has no professional application but was considered pretty impressive in second grade.